Online Terms of Service is a leading academic writing service that acts as an intermediary between customers and writers.

Our Agreement to be the Customer’s Agency

  • Academic Writers Bureau serves as an agency for the qualified writers selling original work to customers. The customer will appoint us to find an expert in their field to assess research and write the work during the agreed time according to these provisions.
  • We reserve the right to accept or refuse an order at our discretion and refund the payment by the customer for it.
  • We quote illustrative prices and delivery time on our website. If a client cannot accept alternative price or delivery time, this agency will refund any payment for that order
  • If a customer is unhappy with quality, we will offer the appropriate available remedies as stipulated in this agreement
  • Our clients should not directly contact the experts. We are the sole intermediary between clients and writers.

Terms of Appointment

  • Our agreement with the customer commences once we find a suitable writer to complete the order of the customer and we get payment from the client (the "Commencement Date")
  • The agreement above (1) continues until the period we allow for revision expires, in spite of subsisting clauses below, unless any of the parties terminates it earlier according to these provisions.
  • In the case of a termination between parties, these requirements will succeed: Plagiarism (7), Data Protection (8), (Paid Amendments (10.5), 12, 14 and 15 Refunds and Upfront Payment and (16) Copyright.

Agency Services

  • Academic Writers Bureau allocates the suitably qualified expert who we consider to hold appropriate levels of qualification and experience for writing a customer’s order to fulfill the research and writing.
  • We undertake to exercise all the skills and judgment to allocate an order to the most suitable expert concerning available qualifications, our quality record, experience and any information about the customer’s course or degree.
  • Once we locate a suitable writer for our customer and obtain payment, the customer accepts that this order is binding and cannot ask for a refund.
  • If we take a deposit from a client in agreement that t he/she pays the outstanding balance, it should be cleared at least 24 hours before the due date of the Order. We may delay delivery of a customer who fails to pay the outstanding balance in full according to this agreement.
  • A customer will give us precise information about the order and make sure that all the details are accurate.
  • We will fully co-operate with the client using reasonable skill and care to successfully deliver a quality Order as expected from a competent writing service. A customer helps us by providing all the relevant Order information at the beginning of our engagement and co-operate with us throughout the writing process should our expert require further details or guidance
  • A customer accepts that failing to guide the writer or provide information during our transaction might cause a delayed delivery of the Work. We will not be responsible for any resulting damage or loss. For such cases, the guarantee for 'Completion on Time' does not apply.

Approvals and Authority

  • When our writer or we require confirming particular details, use the phone number or email address the provided
  • The customer acknowledges that we assume they generated the instructions we receive through these methods of communication and accept them.

Plagiarism-“No Plagiarism Guarantee”

  • A full revision or money back guarantee applies if a customer will detect plagiarism in the delivered work.
  • When a customer detects plagiarism, the writer will be responsible for it.
  • Plagiarism includes instances when writers:
    • Pass off someone’s words as theirs
    • Give ideas to someone else as their thoughts
    • Rewrite a source while still retaining the original ideas in it without giving the appropriate credit
    • Fail to include a quote for quotation marks
    • Copy large sections of ideas or words from someone else’s work even if they use quotation marks or give credit.
    • Give incorrect information about a source of a quote. For example, cite a source found and utilized by the real author of the report that they do not have.
    • Change the wording but copies entire sentence structure of a source but does not give credit
  • If there is a disagreement on whether customer findings are truly plagiarism, we will review the work carefully, look at all the circumstances and if necessary, we refer to a skilled expert. For such circumstances, our decision is final.
  • In all cases where a Customer expressly requires a writer to incorporate material that we deem to be plagiarism, we do not accept claims about plagiarized work.
  • In all cases of minor plagiarism, or when it is evident that piracy happened unwillingly, Academic Writers Bureau will review the work carefully; consider all the relevant circumstances and our history with the writer. If we think it is necessary, we may refer to a qualified expert. In such cases, our decision on whether we will issue a refund or not is final.
  • Money back guarantee does not apply in the circumstances where we detect plagiarism and inform the customer about it before we receive a complaint. Instead, we will rewrite the work.
  • We agreed that the writer responsible for plagiarism will revise the paper and is liable for our action such as a penalty fine or we discontinue their engagement. Our corrective measures are to assist the customer to get a rewrite or money back. If we are holding a sum of money due to the writer, we retain them until he/she rewrites the work to the satisfaction of the affected customer. If we are obliged to refund, the author does not receive pay for the work, and we can use their other earnings in our possession to pay into court if we become involved in litigation.

Delivery- "Completion On-time Guarantee"

Academic Writer Bureau agrees to facilitate work delivery by midnight on a due date. For the purpose of timely guarantee, we set the relevant due date when we assign an order to an expert. We make sure that we complete and deliver all work on time. If we fail, our customer gets a full refund, and we still send the work free.

A refund is not due in these exceptions:

  • The due date falls on a non-working day (e.g., Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Day or a Bank holiday). In this case, we deliver work before midnight of the following day.
  • When we agree with the customer on a variation to the due date
  • Lateness caused by technical problems by third parties or other factors beyond our control. These include but not limited to the issues caused by Database Software, the Internet, Mail Account and Hosting providers. will on request provide proof of technical problems under our responsibility or those provided by our third party contractors.
  • Illness or death of a writer or a close member of the family
  • The customer fails to get the work on the due date but does not contact us through our Customer Control Panel or phone on the day after due date or non-working holiday for our customer representatives to provide a solution on how to receive the work.
  • If customers decide to take longer before informing us about non-received work, it is at their risk, and we will not accept liability for the delay. Upon request, we will provide proof that our writer completed the work and we uploaded on time or that we sent the order on time. We can also provide evidence of technical difficulties, illness or death of an expert. If there is evidence for one of these reasons, the customer does not have right to demand a refund or discount. We undertake to give a full refund and deliver free work if there is no proof that one of the high occurrences. Customers agree that there is no other reason to seek a refund for the delivery problems.
  • Academic Writers Bureau has no obligations about ‘COMPLETION ON TIME GUARANTEE’ if actions by a customer are responsible for late delivery. Such actions include a failure to pay outstanding balance due for this order, sending in additional information after the writer starts working on the order or changing some elements of order instructions. Delays by a customer can make us change the due date depending on the extent of delay without activating the guarantee for on-time completion.
  • A client agrees with the writer on 'staggered delivery.' Here, on time delivery means the final delivery date for the order but not the delivery of single components.

Amendments to in Progress Work

  • The customer cannot ask for a request for changes to order specification after paying the full amount or a deposit, and we have already assigned it to an expert.
  • A customer can provide an expert with additional information soon after we accept a deposit of full payment provided that it does not conflict or add to the details in the original order specification.
  • At our discretion, we can amend the price quote of a prescription after receiving a deposit of full payment if a customer provides additional information that substantially conflicts with original specifications or reassigns it to another writer without consulting the client. The concerned customer should understand that this action might cause a delay in delivering the work for which we do not take responsibility. Completion on Time Guarantee is not payable under these circumstances.

Amendments to Completed Orders

  • allows customers to ask for free changes to their orders if they believe that the work does not meet their exact instructions or guarantees on our website. Request for revision must be within 7 days of delivery date but can be longer if a customer specifically pays to extend this period.
  • A customer is allowed to make one revision request through our Customer Control Panel with details of the necessary amendments. An expert will look at the application and make comments. If the request is fair, the expert will amend and send the work within 24 hours. An expert can ask for more time to complete the amendments. A customer has the authority to grant or deny the request
  • .
  • If our experts do not agree with a revision request, they get an opportunity to make their comments. If the customer and the expert fail to agree, we call upon the quality control team to assess the dispute. The judgment they make is fair and final. They may decide to find another expert to assess the matter. The decision by this expert is binding to both parties.
  • If an expert does not fully comply with a reasonable request for revisions, we allow the customer to make another request for further amendment until it meets the requirements.
  • If a client requests for modifications outside the stipulated time or the required changes exceed the specification in the original order, the writers can at their discretion give a new quote for completing changes. The customer can accept or refuse the new price. A client has to make additional payments before the writer starts writing the extra work.

Data protection believes in data protection. We operate under these guidelines:

  • A customer accepts that we may store the details they provide when placing an order and making payment in our secure database on the understanding that we can share them with selected third parties for the purpose of securing payments and improving service. The third parties involved can contact the customer from time to time.
  • We commit not to disclose personal information provided by the customers expect:
    • To meet the above aims in (1)
    • Fulfill requirements by a legal authority
    • Pursue fraudulent transactions
Find more information on our privacy policy from our website. You can also get a copy on request.


  • We charge a commission for our service; the writers charge for their services while VAT charges appear an aggregate amount on our website.
  • If a customer requires work Amendment in a way that deems inconsistent with the original specification, we forward them to an expert to set a new rate and we will calculate the service fee accordingly.

Value Added Tax

Academic Writers Bureau includes VAT where appropriate in our quoted prices at the prevailing rate from time to time.

Terms of Payment

  • We contact customers to make their payment after finding a suitably qualified writer to undertake their orders unless someone paid when placing an order.
  • If at our discretion, we accept a deposit rather than full value for the order, a customer agrees that total balance remains outstanding and must be cleared before the due date for the work.
  • A customer might choose to continue or cancel an order anytime before paying a deposits or full amount for us to assign the order to a writer. After a client makes payment for our assigned writer to begin working on it, we cannot cancel an order or refund payment.
  • A customer accepts to abide by our return policies and admits that due to the personal and highly specialized nature of our services, we can only give full refunds in the circumstances we outlined in these terms or any other unforeseen circumstances. We maintain the discretion to give a refund or discount.
  • These terms of service should be read subject to Payment Up Front terms on (section 13 of this Agreement).

Payment up Front

  • We can invite the customer to pay for an order before we formally secure an expert writer for the work.
  • Our undertaking is not to take any payments in advance unless we are reasonably confident of securing an expert to complete the work.
  • We cannot guarantee to secure a suitable writer to complete the work for a customer who decides to make payments in advance before we secure a writer.
  • In the case where the customer makes an upfront payment, and we are unable to obtain an expert for completing the work, we shall offer a full refund.


  • If agrees to full or partial refund, we only make it using the debit or credit card that a customer used when making the payments. If the client did not use such a card and paid by meant such direct deposit into our bank's account, we offer the customer a choice of refunding through our bank or retain in as upfront credit for a future order. It is our full discretion to make any refund.


The customer should accept that:

  • Obtaining the work supplied through our writing service does not grant copyright.
  • Academic Writers Bureau, our employees, and writers, do not condone plagiarism, and we reserve the right to deny services to those we suspect of such of behavior.
  • We offer services locating suitably qualified experts to provide independent, personalized research and writing to help students in learning and advancing their educational standards, and that work supplied through us is not for customers to pass as their own or anyone else’s nor hand in part or whole of it as their own. Additionally, customers undertake to desist from unauthorized distribution, resale or display of the work and agree to handle it in ways the fully respect the fact that no customer holds the copyright to our research work.
  • If we suspect that any person is using our papers or materials in violation of any or all the above rules, we have a right to refuse to do any further work for him or involved organization. We do not bear liability for such unauthorized or undetected use.
  • We agree not to resell or distribute all work supplied through our services after its completion for payments or otherwise after. We also undertake not to place such work on any essay bank or website.

Level requested guarantee

  • If a final product fails (see 16.3) to meet the grade ordered class, our custom gets a full refund.
  • The above guarantee is valid for 90 days beginning on the final date of an amendment period.
  • For order that customers place at 1st level, we guarantee of 1st standard. We will not refund any money if the work reaches the level.
  • We only guarantee the grades above collaborating with our customers in amending their requests as we do not guarantee these grades on the first delivery to the customers. We subject the final version to this guarantee.
  • When a client wishes to dispute the quality of our work under this guarantee, we ask for credible evidence. We ask for a copy of the work that the student submitted and the feedback by the relevant tutor.
  • We accept complaints raised and substantiated within 3 months of the delivery date for amended order for a customer to get a full refund. We give a credit voucher worth two-thirds the value of order if a client raises a complaint after the 90 days
  • We will carefully review all supporting evidence about the refund claim and assess all the circumstances before referring them to qualified experts if it is necessary.
  • A customer possessing any evidence that our work does not meet the quality standard in order, the condition of this agreement that it is brought to our attention promptly for our consideration when reaching the decision. We treat all such evidence with total confidentiality.
  • We will not issue a refund if we establish that requests that the customer made in the order specification including correspondence and amendment reduced the quality of commissioned work to below the required quality standard as it is likely that the work would have met the standards.
  • No refund is due if we determine that a customer caused the work to be below the ordered quality standard by providing an order specification that was open to ambiguity or interpretation.
  • If the work is below the ordered quality standard for with regards to module, course or assignment instructions but the customer gave incomplete or different instructions from the full task requirements, we do not issue any refund.
  • For all cases, the decision by Academic Writers Bureaus is final but will provide the customer with detailed information on how we reached our decision including a copy of the report by our commissioned expert where applicable.

Final Mark Awarded

  • A customer should pass the work as his or her own as no one holds the copyright to work so this will be violating our terms of use.
  • On the strength of above, customers accept that the quality of their ordered papers does not guarantee the marks a tutor will reward as they will use our work for research and submit their work that does not carry a guarantee of the final degree mark.


  • Academic Writers Bureau working hours are 9 am and 9 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am-6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. We do not open on Non-Working Days as declared above. We may decide a regular working day will be a Non-Working day by placing and inform our customer through a notice on our service website. Any support or service we offer on such as day is at our discretion.
  • The popularity of our services prevents us from always deals with email and telephone support requests promptly, but we pledge to make all efforts to respond to customer requests comprehensively and attend to urgent request immediately.
  • It is at their risk that the clients rely on research provided through our service to the extent that a delayed delivery might cause them to miss deadlines., its employees, and experts on our books are not liable for aforementioned late delivery except that which is provided by our terms.
  • All views expressed by Academic Writers Bureau, employees and experts in our books about use our services are opinions and not advice. Equally, we have not endorsed views expressed by our marketing agents and other affiliates, therefore, are not an accurate reflection of our policies and regulations.
  • Our customers must check the guidelines and rules of their universities before they order our papers to satisfy their requirements and those of their individual institutions. Our customer acknowledges that any decision to use our research service is made on a personal initiative and agrees that we, our employees and experts on our services are not liable for decisions to use our services that may be in breach or against of guidelines, rules, and regulations of their institutions.
  • All our services are subject to availability, and we provide work strictly for academic support hence does not constitute professional advice.
  • We make all the efforts to complete fully customized and accurate work but inaccuracies can occur on certain occasions., our employees and consultancy experts, shall not be held accountable. These terms allow free amendments and an optional discount to rectify such occurrences.
  • It is a breach of copyright for customers to hand in the work we supply as their own, either in part or whole. Such an act forfeits all their right under these terms of service. We also have the option to institute further action following such an instance.
  • We have a right to refuse an order or entering into an agreement with a customer and this reservation applies to all terms in this agreement.
  • We reserve a right to decline to continue with an order if we find any reason showing that customer will use supplied work in a way that contravenes these terms or our Fair Use Policy.
  • These Terms &Conditions are intended to bind both parties from commencement date legally.
  • These terms represent the entire agreement existing between and the customer from the commencement date. They replace and supersede any preceding oral or written agreements, understandings or representations.
  • All parties enter into an agreement to lace an expert for research services confirm that they do this by image expressly integrated to these terms.
  • For purposes of Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act, the concerned Parties do not and do not intend to allow other persons who are not part of their agreement a right to enforce any of the provisions.
  • The performance, validity, and construction of any agreement between Parties shall be governed by the country’s law and shall be subject to an exclusive jurisdiction of the state’s courts to which these parties submit.
  • If a provision of an agreement between the customer and us is against the law or a court judges it to be unlawful, unenforceable or void, the provision shall be removed from the agreement. We will render it to be ineffective without amending the remaining provisions of an agreement and shall not enforce or validate the contract in any other circumstances.

Promotional Email Campaigns

  • We offer education relates products such as past papers, plagiarism software, proofreading and marking services.
  • When you provide your contact details to use, we consider it consent to contact you by email, mail, phone, SMS/MMS and fax to inform you about any services, goods or promotion that may be of your interest unless you object to getting such messages.
  • As we state in our Data Protection Notice, we do not send more than four marketing communications a month and practically rarely send more than one. We always give you a choice to reject such marketing co