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A dissertation proposal is an essential step toward writing the final dissertation on what you learn in your Master’s or PhD course. It is more of a table of contents for research that prepares the ground for your research helping you to make your plan clear for the final project. Due to its importance of your project, you may decide to buy your dissertation proposal online. Academic Writers Bureau is specialist writing service with top writers in your dissertation’s field of study

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If you have thought about where you will order a sample dissertation proposal, it is almost certain that you have found several other sites and writing companies that offer similar services. Do not consider services that claim that they hire qualified American writers but offer limited amenities. You will just waste time and money. You should instead use a reliable service operating around a secure and convenient Marketplace platform supported by an expert, all-American team of writers.

We have built our consumer writing service around a concept to provide quality dissertation proposals and stay as the best samples writing service provider on the internet. At Academic Writers Bureau, we know that it is crucial to complete your project we guarantee you that we will deliver a quality proposal that turns you into a happy customer. All our order includes unlimited revisions; plagiarism scans with Copyscape, special promotions, and other numerous free amenities. Specifically, we have our customer support team working 24/7 to respond to any questions or comments that you could have.

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When you buy sample dissertation proposals from, you will have a deserved peace knowing that you are working with a comprehensive writing service. You start with a brief registration process that is very secure. After registering, you can immediately have contact with a writer, customer support representative, editing staff and writing manager throughout the writing experience to make sure that:

  • Someone is working on your order
  • The writer is including all components you requested
  • We prepare your order to your satisfaction

After the writer completes your order, we take it through a complete internal originality and editorial review. If you find that the final draft does not meet your expectations, it is ok for use to provide unlimited revisions as they are part of each order!

We do not promise you of quality. We take it seriously. That is why we have a robust editorial process. Check the numerous steps it takes before we complete your order.

  • Client (you) place an order
  • Dissertation Proposal Writer
  • Instructions review editor
  • Quality standard editor
  • Originality test editor
  • Delivery to client

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You have found the service from where you may order dissertation proposal samples and would like to get maximum benefits. Academic Writers Bureau has a straightforward order process that is designed to get you what you exactly need. You can quickly issue instructions through our confidential and mobile-friendly communication platform. You just log in to our secure platform and message the writer or writing manager. We have these components to help you get the kind of quality you want. The overall order process is simple:

  • Place an order
  • Assigning a writer
  • Internal quality check
  • Downloading the final draft
  • Revisions if it is necessary

Professional Dissertation Proposal Writers

There is a simple key to our success: Our professionalism. Customers who require models and order their dissertation proposals at Academic Writers Bureau will receive the quality provided by a professional writer with experience and detachment from unreliable third-party service. We know what your readers will expect to find in a dissertation proposal and how to write for virtually any kind of topic. Our clients keep coming back as they have confidence in our capacity including:

  • Capability of our writers
  • Expertise in formulating dissertation proposals
  • Ability to argue any side of your topic
  • Proficiency in various writing styles such as MLA, APA, and Chicago.

Our Unmistakable Difference from Others

We are the global leaders in consumer writing, and it is not a mystery that we attained this title. We credit it to our unmatched support to our clients and high-quality writing of their orders. is a certified and trustworthy company with customers in more 40 countries worldwide. The reward for our extensive service is an "A+" accreditation rating by Better Business Bureau. We also got a lot of verified reviews praising our writers and the support staff for their work. You are free to check out some of these reviews together with our replies by

Advantage of Ordering Dissertation Proposals

Your choice to order for a dissertation proposal is full of anxiety especially if you are dealing with a model writing service for the first time. While many other writing services can brag they are saving your money and time, the rarely bother to keep the promise. Academic Writers Bureau is different. We understand the value of using a dependable, trusted Marketplace that delivers your model work on time without errors. We have world-class writers who can do everything about a dissertation proposal! They can research, write, format, edit and proofread.

Writing a dissertation proposal has vast complexities and can be too much for anyone to handle. The benefits of finding professional help from a writing service are clear. The experts you get at experts will assist you with everything that makes you a better writer from sample outlines, strategies on writing in a persuasive way to citations. It also presents an opportunity to concentrate on completing your proposal and cross it off the list of things to do. You can get more time for family and friends as you know someone will complete the work for you.

Our pledge to save your time

If you are one of the many people searching for "buy dissertation proposal," maybe you just found realized that some projects require more work than you can write without the help of an expert. You could be having a hectic life and other more essential concerns, yet this is a task that demands a lot of attention and time.

A dissertation proposal research will require you to engage in materials that could be low on your priority list. Why not find someone else to complete it for you? We know that you will be looking for particulars on the way to order and the ordering process itself to determine its feasibility, privacy arrangements and so forth. We promise to help you in every step of your dissertation proposal.

A high number of our clients keep ordering more papers after ordering for a dissertation proposal from Academic Writers Bureau. They know that after placing an order, they will get it on time and it will have met their initial specifications.

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It is never easy to write a good dissertation proposal. It requires a delicate balancing of involvement and objectivity. Your writer will introduce the research questions then inform the reader about your intentions for the research, the problem it will address and how it will fill any existing research gaps. A research proposal should be professional and dignified no matter the subject and the research questions.

When you order from Academic Writers Bureau, we assure that our expert writers do everything to deliver a sample that meets 100% of the requirements. The sample will prove that you have knowledge of research in your subject area and ready to progress to the next step. If you download and find that some of your criteria have changed, do not worry. We offer free revisions with every order.

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The same way that you order according to customer service and reputation, you are also ordering from a writing service that takes pleasure in high professional standards. We will present arguments that inform the readers why your dissertation is important and how it can help the field. These points will include a plan of action, explanation of the problems that your research will address and evidence to show it will be effective to counter any refuting claims. Apart from authoritative proposals, the writers will make sure that every part of your order is correct. If something needs changing, they will be happy to consider your views during the complimentary revision window that we provide for convenience and satisfying our customers. Do not worry about confidentiality. All the purchases at are confidential. Our servers are secure enough for the safety of credit card information. We never share your names and contact details. .

When writing a dissertation proposal, it should be about a particular topic that is appropriate to your study field. It shows that you will carry extensive research to solve a problem yet narrow enough for you to complete before the end of the course. We shall use latest references to support your points.

There is value in inspecting a product before buying. We have prepared numerous Academic Writers Bureau samples for perusal and evaluation. Each of the samples is written carefully by expert writers who are the same ones that we assign you to work once you place an order. We have samples for all genres of dissertations. If you want to see samples of dissertation proposals, use our Google Custom Search to query "dissertation proposal."

For you to present a clear, logical argument, you should have a precise thesis statement resonating with readers. It should be on something that will arouse the interest of your reader and creates an impression. The primary objective of your thesis statement is to help you to focus on the evidence from an angle that supports the main argument. Read it several times to determine if it meets the criteria of your project. Make sure that your case takes a direction that aligns with your assignment. Try to fit your ideas in a sentence or two so that it does not have too many issues or a complex argument.

See examples of well-written and poorly written dissertation proposal thesis statements.

Sharpening your skills in writing dissertation proposals will improve your general writing skills and it increases your ability to persuade other people with your writing. It is such a useful talent. A skillful dissertation proposal writer takes a stand and writes in a way that tries to convince the dissertation committee to see your point. Your proposal should have a clear intent. Use it to achieve the primary objective which is to demonstrate that your research project is viable. Remember to format it correctly. The points below reflect some of the essential aspects of writing a dissertation proposal.

Most universities will provide comprehensive guidelines in dissertation manuals. There might be some variations depending on the area of study. It is the discretion of a dissertation committee to decide, but a dissertation proposal will consist the following:

Title page: A short descriptive title of your proposed thesis projects. Also has the name of the author, school, department, research mentor, mentor’s school and delivery date.

Abstract: A brief summary of a thesis proposal

Table of Contents: List of all headings and sub-headings with their page numbers

Introduction: States the central research question, background on the subject and relates it to broader issues that surround it.

Statement of problem: Clearly, identifies the problem or the knowledge gap that you are responding to with your project. Note that your dissertation committee might require you to include this section in the introduction, purpose section or write it independently. It depends on the field

Aims and Objectives: State what you expect to achieve with your research and the outcomes to predict. Literature review: List of books and materials you referred to when doing your research.

Dissertation methodology: Breaks down the sources you plan to use for research and data to collect, either qualitative or quantitative. You may decide to include how you will analyze your data.

Significance and implications: Discuses any new knowledge that the proposed project will produce, why people should know it and implications, constraints, and suggestion for future study.

Overview of Chapters: Some proposals might include this brief description of the relevant chapters, but it depends on the instructions of your advisor.

Preliminary Results and discussion: Presents any results that you already got and how they fit into the framework of your dissertation.

A work plan with a time table: A detailed schedule of the dates you anticipate to complete specific sections of your dissertation and what you will do till you complete your course. The committee uses your work plan to determine if the project is realistic after considering the methods available and requirements by the institution.

List of references: It is a bibliography citing all the text, ideas, concepts, and data that is not your own. .

A dissertation is all about research. You have to present facts to demonstrate that your proposed research project is suitable and that you can do the project within the remaining period of your study. Show the outcome of investigation that you have done so far for your advisor to see that you adequate facts to identify a problem that the findings of your proposed research will help to solve. It is the reason you are required to list about three methodologies that will be useful in solving this problem. dissertation proposal writers will do a preliminary research to dig facts that will strengthen your evidence that there is a gap in knowledge or a problem that you can fix after your research.

It will save your proposal from rejection if you can know in advance whether it will make an impression on your dissertation committee or not. You may think that your dissertation proposal is the best, but it is not. You can seek the help of your friends or classmates when reviewing and proofreading your thesis proposal by asking them to read it and give you an objective feedback. Academic Writers Bureau ensures that the proposal meets the standards of dissertation committees through a two-step process for testing its feasibility. We perform a thorough editorial review that helps us to know it makes an impression. The second step is checking its originality with Copyscape.

The members of your dissertation committee will approve your proposal if it evaluates the topic with facts, statistics, and data to show that you did some research, identified a problem and the projected solution that you expect to find if they allow you to study further. You encourage them to delve further into your proposal by using a catchy introduction. It should briefly summarize all other issues in the proposal and be a continuous link with the other sections.

As you progress to other parts, keep persuading the readers to see the need for your project by using the introduction to connect past and present research and demonstrate there is a gap that you need to fill with your project. Also show why your topic is the best for the research and that it is significant to the field. Use the strong arguments that your readers will find interesting.

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Our Dissertation Proposal Writing Process

  • Sample Writing helps to create sample papers for research work, referencing and demonstration how to write a proper academic paper. We do not accept plagiarism, infringement of copyright and academic dishonesty. All ideas or information from our sample papers should be accurately cited. 

  • Introduction

    Start with a strong introduction that introduces what the reader will find in the rest of the paper. Do not provide facts as they will make it longer than necessary. If you must include some factual information, have one statistic to support a dramatic opener. Only introduce the topic, the problem, complications and finish with a powerful statement in 5-7 sentences. A positive dissertation proposal introduction should show your reader the importance of your dissertation, the major problems it will help to address and in what way.

  • Establish an Argument

    Create the argument by first introducing the fact that justifies your project. Explain the problem that your dissertation is going to address, its feasibility and how it will help in solving the existing or add useful information to your field of study. You may then introduce counter arguments to demonstrate that your research covered both sides of the issue. chooses the best writers for dissertation proposal who can introduce an argument and defend it with evidence with a balanced tone that is not excessive, angry or showing off.

  • Dissertation Proposal Rebuttal

    Rebuttals are responses against the primary argument pointing out the flaws or errors in the facts or methodology of a theory that they oppose. Best counterarguments will blend elements of refutation and rebuttal. The purpose of introducing the opposing views is to show that you researched on both sides of your topic. You can use the rebuttal as a rhetorical device to convince those who have not made up their mind see the issue from your perspective. When you introduce opposing views, the reader sees you as a credible source of information about a topic as you considered all the angles.

  • Dissertation Proposal Conclusion

    After writing the other sections, a dissertation proposal conclusion should be easy. The purpose is to wrap up your paper and end with a critical concluding thought. Do not introduce new ideas or statistics into your conclusion. You should also avoid repeating what you have already covered.

  • Fair use Policy

    The business of Academic Writers Bureau is to provide an online platform that connects customers and writers for sample writing, editing, and formatting services. We promote and expect the fair use of our services by every client according to the guidelines below.

  • Reviews

    We have related Dissertation services like:

    • Dissertation writing all chapters
    • Dissertation writing (some chapters)
    • Editing and proofreading

    We take pride to have verified reviews by various review vendors.

    • 4.9 Google reviews based on 135 reviews
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  • Our Promise

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    For all our orders, we provide the following:

    • 100% unique content
    • Customer support 24/7
    • Experienced writers
    • Timely delivery

    We offer all these free features with every order:

    • Revisions
    • Title page
    • Bibliography and referencing
    • Plagiarism scan
  • Order revisions

    We offer free revisions but require our customers to submit their requests within seven (7) days after we complete the order. The instructions should not be different from the original instructions. We may charge extra fees for a deviation from original instructions. We have set a deadline of three (3) days for revisions. Anyone who requires a shorter deadline may pay an additional fee. 

  • Additional References on Dissertation Proposal Writing

    The guidelines above are comprehensive enough to help you in deciding whether you will order a sample dissertation proposal. All the useful information cannot fit here, but we still have other more specific tips. You can find more specific writing help from writer help section on Academic Writers Bureau website or Purdue Owl.

    Our guidelines may help you to write a dissertation proposal, but we cannot provide an alternative to proofreading and analysis by your classmates or friends. You should not hesitate to ask help because unbiased feedback helps you to determine the strong and weak areas of your proposal. Alternatively, you can let to write a quality dissertation proposal according to the instruction of your advisor.


  • How experienced are you in academic writing?

    We are a well-established custom writing service that has been in business for years, and we are still serving more customers. Today, we have many satisfied customers who do not consider placing orders at other services because of the pleasant experience they enjoy when working with us. We are prepared to serve even more customers.

  • What kind of writing services do you provide?

    We are a comprehensive academic writing service that helps students to write and organize their different papers. We will help you to write all sorts of academic papers including essay, research paper, case study, term paper, and dissertation. We also write theses, capstone project, essay, research papers and PICO analysis.

  • Do you offer discounts to customers?

    We charge affordable prices as we know that students do not have much money. We also have different discount schemes at various times to enable the students to make some savings. We provide a discount code for you to redeem the discount. We welcome our first-time customers with a 15% discount.

  • Who are you?

    We are graduates and educators from the top universities in U.S who share some common educational philosophies and ideals. Some our writers and editors have taught university students. Most of us have published their work on academic publications. Our work allows interaction with students and academicians thus helping us to keep on improving our already high-quality writing standards.

  • Is it ethical to get your assistance for my academic assignment?

    We write original model papers that you can use with proper referencing as a source of the following:

    • Ideas or arguments for your research
    • Additional understanding of a subject
    • Direct citing

    All the same, you should check the policies of your college/university and their explanation of plagiarism to make a conscious decision. Always paraphrase our paper when you use the content in your work.

  • How confidential is your service?

    Academic Writers Bureau will ask you to provide personal information like your name, email address, and phone number when placing an order. We use this information to contact you, but we keep it fully confidential. We will never distribute it to third parties. Our support team only reaches you through the numbers or emails we have listed on our website. Our customer representatives do not ask for your credit card information during telephone conversations. You should only enter it when filling our PayPal billing form during online payment process and wait for a confirmation letter to your order page.

  • Where are you located?

    We are based in the United States, but our writing service is in high demand in over 40 countries around the globe. Our customer support department is on call 24/7. You can contact us at any time of the day or night regardless of the time difference. Our support department responds to your questions or helps you with the order process. We have a pool of over 1500 writers, and you will always get a qualified writer for your work round the clock. .

  • How do you set your prices?

    We charge reasonable prices that students can afford depending on the type of nursing paper, turnaround and complexity. Our prices might be higher than that of some writing services. The purpose is to enable us to hire the best professional nursing papers which will meet the requirements by customers and their schools. We give you the value for money we charge you.

  • Can I trust you with my academic work?

    You can trust us fully. We run a business that requires a good reputation for customers to have confidence in us. We strive to offer the best service and satisfy each customer by providing personalized attention. It is the reason why we have many repeat customers. Currently, most of our orders are from referrals by satisfied customers.

  • What should I choose you instead of your competitors?

    It is true that most of our competitors will use pre-written papers that they store in their databases to write your paper. They copy and paste some sentences and keywords from existing papers then claim they wrote an original piece. This process will take only one or two hours, yet you pay for a fully authentic paper. It also increases the chances of plagiarism on your paper.

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