Operating Agreements & Non-disclosure Agreements

Written agreements are crucial for business as they specify terms & conditions. You can refer to them if a dispute arises or use them to support arguments in litigation. Academic Writers Bureau helps business owners to write agreements between them, their employees and business partners. Welcome to our operating agreements and nondisclosure agreements writing service. When you co-own a business with partners, we help you to draft an operating or shareholders agreement to give a legal substructure to outline the role of each partner in making functional and financial institutions.

We have much experience in writing operating agreements, the backbone of business because it shows the functions of each person and protects breach of the contract.

Our service also helps to protect the trade secrets that give a competitive edge in the markets by drafting binding nondisclosure agreements. This agreement prohibits company employees or partners from disclosing trade secrets like formulas, procedures and financial records to the public and competitors as it will compromise the ability to compete with other businesses.

Why us

We write enforceable agreements

Writing down something does not make it something that a court of law can enforce. We use our experience to determine the right way of writing agreements that are binding on the parties to protect your business.

We deter disputes

Academic Writers Bureau has professional writers with training in law. They will establish and write down all your obligations including the services that you should perform to fulfill their duties under this contract. They include as much detail as possible to prevent instances where someone can breach the contract by taking advantage of a loophole. They also describe all the responsibilities by other parties in operating agreements. Since all parties will abide by these agreements, it prevents conflicts within the business.

We write exclusive agreements

The purpose of our operating agreements and nondisclosure agreements writing service is to serve all clients on the merits of their orders. We do not sell pre-written contracts. When you contact us, we begin with a consultation to understand your business operations and the intended role for each person in the production chain. We use information from our clients to create documents for specific needs of their companies.

For operating agreements, we clearly define the rights, financial commitments and responsibilities of each. For non-disclosure agreements, we create a document that conforms to the laws of the state and gives you a legal backing to take action if an employee shares confidential information. Our non-disclosure agreements will give your company a right to certain penalties like a court injunction or compensation against serving and former employees for disclosing trade secrets they acquire in the course of their employment.

Our writers

Our business agreement writers had training in law and developed their skills when writing for us. You work with a writer who not only works on your order but also advises you on the best clauses to include in your agreements. You can find samples of nondisclosure and operating agreements that they wrote for previous customers to look at their writing capability. The writers are available for direct communication with the customers to discuss order requirements and progress.

You writer will drafts clear agreement

The modern society has become more litigate. Academic Writers Bureau keeps you safe from lawsuits by creating agreements that clearly outline what anybody who is part of your business will do and prevent miscommunication. You require more than a handshake to seal a deal. Contact our operating agreements and nondisclosure agreements writing service to write clear and specific agreements that remove ambiguity on the role of each party in your business.

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