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Are you looking to order an essay online? Academic Writers Bureau has specialist writers for your topic and field.  We write custom sample essays according to instructions and always include the most appropriate research. We have over 1500 American writers and receive orders from customers in more than 30 countries. is one of the top academic writing, editing, and business writing companies.Our ordering process is less than 5 Minutes.


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If you are thinking about the purchase of a sample essay, do not waste your money or time on writing services claiming to have American writers while in reality, they offer limited amenities. Instead, use an essay service with a reliable and user-friendly platform with experienced Native American writers.

The concept of American Writers Bureau is to provide quality essays and be the best model writing service on the web. We know it is important to complete their projects successfully and providing quality products will make them our satisfied customers. Our orders include unlimited revisions, special promotions and numerous free amenities for our clients. Additionally, we send originality scans for each paper. You can reach our customer support staff 24/7 for fast help and answers to questions.

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When you order any essay from, you will be at peace to know that we shall provide quality writing service. After a secure registration process, you will be able to contact support, your writer, writing managers and expert editors through the writing process. After registration you know that: 1) The writer is working 2) Your essay includes all components 3) Everything about the paper satisfies you After writing, our editors carry out an originality and editorial review. If our order does not meet all your expectations, we provide unlimited revisions! We are very seriously about our quality promise. Check the editorial process for your essay before we complete the order.

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Our Essay Writing Proficiency is Your Advantage

To write an excellent essay, it requires you to balance your involvement and objectivity. We save you the trouble by assigning a writer who takes a position and argues it confidently but remains detached from the trap of opinionated argument. Any essay must be dignified, professional and independent. To order from is an assurance that an expert writer will do everything that helps to develop a 100% correct sample paper before you login to your account to download it. If your criteria changed, do not worry. Every order includes free revisions!

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We care about setting high professional standards, the same way you care about customer service and reputation of a writing service before placing an order. We can argue your side of essay topic fluently like the side with a counter argument while delivering same credibility, authority, and dignity. writers make all the efforts to write everything correctly and tweak anything in the essay that needs amendment during the revision window we provide for your convenience and satisfaction. Do not worry about privacy. All orders at are confidential. We never share your name, contact details, and our secure servers keep the credit card information safe. Our support options- Reach us via live chat, phone call or text.

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If you are searching for "order an essay," it could be that you just realized that your project has too much work to handle without expert help. Probably you have many other concerns or a busy lifestyle yet this assignment demands much attention and time. Why not let Academic Writers Bureau to conduct essay research for you rather than do something that is low on your priority list. We know that you want specifics on how to order your essays, the ordering process, its feasibility, privacy and other steps. We help you all the way. has many repeat clients who keep coming back as they know that we fulfill every order according to the initial model specifications promptly.

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  • Approx. 275 words / page
  • APA,MLA,Harvard,Chicago/Turabian, e.t.c
  • Font: 12 point Arial/Times New Roman
  • Double and single spacing
  • FREE bibliography page
  • FREE title page
  • Progressive Delivery

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  • Prices starting at just $10/page
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  • Plagiarism detection system
  • FREE revisions according to our Revision Policy
  • We do not drop HARD or BIG assignments
  • Flexible pricing and great discounts
  • Pay in several installments and receive your paper in parts
  • Option to check writer's samples before they start on your order
  • ENL (US, GB, AU, CA) writers available
  • 100% money back guarantee

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We have assisted thousands of students across the globe, we can help you too risk free

We know that you want to get most out of your order and we give value for money. Academic Writer Bureau has a simple order process to get you exactly what you want. You can quickly log into our secure platform and message your writer or our writing manager easily through a mobile-friendly but confidential communication system. We incorporate components that get you quality content, but the overall process is easy to follow:

  • Place an order
  • We assign a writer
  • Quality checks by in-house editors
  • Download the final draft
  • Revision(if necessary)

Professional, qualified and experienced Essay Writers

Professionalism and commitment to make our customers happy is our key to success. All customers get the best service from Academic Writers Bureau by accessing experts, professional writers and objective essays that you cannot find elsewhere. Through our experience, we can judge what a reader expects to find in a certain essay. We know the best way to argue any position. So why do so many customers love us?

  • Writer capabilities
  • Our essay formulation skills
  • Ability to discuss all sides of a topic
  • Proficiency in all writing styles

Finding current references for some of the essays is like groping in the dark.   We know customers value products they can see before ordering.   Find plenty of Academic Writers Bureau samples by our expert writers who meticulously write our essays. The good news is that we match you with one of these writers upon placing an order.   We include all genres of essays addressing scholarly topics and critical global issues.  You can find the particular type of essays, for instance by querying “argumentative” with our Google Custom Search. 

 We recommended that you browse through some of our Essays.


You must be very anxious when you choose to buy an essay especially if it is your first time to use a model writing service. Other services might boast about saving time and money, but they rarely fulfill their promises. understands the value to use a trustworthy and reliable writing service that delivers error-free sample essays on time. For essays with convincing arguments to support or counter an issue, we have American world-class writers!

They will help you to write any essay under these main categories:

  • Persuasive
  • Expository 
  • Analytical 
  •  Argumentative

The complexities of developing an essay are too many and vast for anybody to comprehend all and the benefits of seeking professional writing help are crystal clear. Academic Writers Bureau offers expert help from sample outlines to citations and essay writing strategies.  You get more time for your family and friends with the assurance that someone will complete and deliver your assignment on time. Additionally, our papers help you to become a better essay writer.

High-quality support and unmatched writing are the reason is a global leader.   We got an A+ rating by BBB    as we are a verified and trusted company serving thousands of clients in various countries.  We also got plenty of verified reviews praising our support and writing staff. Please click here to check some of these reviews and replies.

Security is something we take seriously and routinely scan our site to make sure that order information is safe and confidential.


Still undecided on whether to buy a model essay but think you may need help? Consider visiting the website and go to writer help section.  You will get comprehensive advice on each aspect of writing an essay from choosing the appropriate topic, guidelines to write a thesis statement, adhering to required academic style. The body should have details.   Many professional and amateur writers use the help you find on our website.


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  • Well-versed content writers and editors
  • Effective quality control system
  • 10 years of content writing experience
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  • 100% Plagiarism Free
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Academic Essay Writing Services

  • Order Our Winning Essays

    Our essay writing help will sharpen your skills and makes you a better writer and give you an ability to persuade other people. That is a useful talent! A competent essay writer takes a particular stand and makes others agree with the position. The intent of an author should be crystal clear as the primary objective is to prove that the thesis has a valid argument. Essays work well in a unique structure.  The following aspects help much in writing an essay.

  • Overall clarity

    A precise and brief thesis statement resonates with readers and helps to develop a logically sound argument.   Focus on referencing terms, evidence and examples that you readers will understand.  If your essay requires certain criteria, take the time to learn everything so that your argument does not take a different direction from your assignment. Finally, you must consider the impression you want to make on your readers and make sure that you state a clear stand on the issue. is an online platform for connecting you with writers for sample writing, business writing, and editing service. We expect and promote fair use of all our services as per these guidelines.

  • Revisions Essay Thesis Statements

     Academic Writers Bureau has examples of a well and poorly written thesis.

    Organization of Essays

    The framework of our excellent essays resembles the basic academic models.  Remember that each argument is different. The order and method of presenting evidence can help to make or break an argument by the writer.

    Method of Organizing Essays

    Find various models of organizing an essay from our website.

     Persuasion Techniques

    Persuasion techniques are critical, especially when writing an argumentative essay. Expert writers at Academic Writers Bureau are proficient in using these 3 standard approaches to persuade an audience and match evidence convincing evidence with the fitting persuasion style.

    • Logos: Appeal to logic
    • Pathos: Appealing to emotion
    • Ethos: Appeal to Credibility

    Find examples from research 

    Peer Review

     Your argument can only be healthy if the audience will comprehend the topic. It is important to write an essay that readers understand clearly. Remember it is hard to review and proofread your paper objectively after absorbing yourself in its topic, so it is wise to ask a friend or classmate to read and give you an outside point of view. Academic Writers Bureau has a two-step process. An extensive editorial review to ensure quality and Copyscape authenticity verification.

  • Writing striking essays 

    To write an excellent essay; you must know the exact topic that informs the audience about your thoughts. Choose a relevant topic with a favorable argument on something you feel strongly. Consider pros and cons of that issue. Always evaluate the side with the stronger argument and the reason you think it has more weight for your topic. Consider the audience for your paper and if there adequate, relevant evidence for supporting your thesis. At this point, you must have a fitting outline with which to start writing your essay.


  • Fair Use Policy 

    We offer free reviews, but it comes with limitations such as whether we met original instructions and deadline.

    I.    We offer revisions within 7 days of completing an order with a three (3) day deadline.  Cost may apply for faster turnaround or if there changes to first instructions. Read full Revision Policy.

    II.    Sample writing does not condone any form of plagiarism. Our custom sample services are only for model and reference. You must use proper citation when you reference our work. Please read our Fair Use Policy. 


  •  How to produce   a winning essay

    The Introduction

    Initiate the argument of your essay on the right note by beginning with points that entice readers to continue read on and question the topic. A favorable introduction should clearly state the position of a writer and include thorough background on the subject then conclude with a solid, logical and thought-provoking thesis statement.

  •  Establish an Argument 


    A typical essay should have up to three supporting evidence also called "claims." The evidence to support these assertions must be factual and from reliable sources. Supporting arguments should never be hypothetical or personal. Avoid showing off irrational anger or delivers the best essays because our writers are never excessive in defending the evidence but instead use the necessary supporting evidence to support the thesis.


  • Essay Rebuttals

    Sometimes essays need a rebuttal mostly for argumentative essays.  A rebuttal is an instance where the writer will address the opposing views and refutes them with evidence. 

     When writers use rebuttals as rhetorical devices, they make more impact in their paragraph or together within a single paragraph as defense claim. It all depends on the context. has good writers who know how to gauge the amount or type of evidence to determine how and the exact point to introduce their rebuttals.


  • Conclusion 

    Your conclusion should bring all the essay points home.  Some writers feel lost at essay conclusion stage, but it is not that difficult.  The conclusion should reiterate the thesis, but with light arguments and evidence, you established throughout your writing. Academic Writers Bureau helps you to summarize your main arguments in a careful way that does not introduce new ideas. A conclusion is the last chance to leave your reader with a compelling impression.

     Additional Essay References 

     The above guidance is comprehensive for an essay and useful in helping you to make a decision if you are still at crossroads on whether to buy a sample essay.  We still have left out some finer points that you will find in our sample essays. For more thorough writing help, most writers turn to the writer help section of   and Purdue Owl. However, we cannot substitute the detailed scrutiny and proofreading by your classmates or friends. Do not fear to seek help fear as an independent point of view is a valuable way to test the strength of your argument. Ordering our sample essay is even better because our writers already have experience on how to approach your topic.  


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    Academic Writers Bureau takes pride in our favorable and verified reviews by different review vendors. 

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    Every order at Academic Writers Bureau comes with these benefits:

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  • How experienced are you in academic writing?

    We are a well-established custom writing service that has been in business for years, and we are still serving more customers. Today, we have many satisfied customers who do not consider placing orders at other services because of the pleasant experience they enjoy when working with us. We are prepared to serve even more customers.

  • What kind of writing services do you provide?

    We are a comprehensive academic writing service that helps students to write and organize their different papers. We will help you to write all sorts of academic papers including essay, research paper, case study, term paper, and dissertation. We also write theses, capstone project, essay, research papers and PICO analysis.

  • Do you offer discounts to customers?

    We charge affordable prices as we know that students do not have much money. We also have different discount schemes at various times to enable the students to make some savings. We provide a discount code for you to redeem the discount. We welcome our first-time customers with a 15% discount.

  • Who are you?

    We are graduates and educators from the top universities in U.S who share some common educational philosophies and ideals. Some our writers and editors have taught university students. Most of us have published their work on academic publications. Our work allows interaction with students and academicians thus helping us to keep on improving our already high-quality writing standards.

  • Is it ethical to get your assistance for my academic assignment?

    We write original model papers that you can use with proper referencing as a source of the following:

    • Ideas or arguments for your research
    • Additional understanding of a subject
    • Direct citing

    All the same, you should check the policies of your college/university and their explanation of plagiarism to make a conscious decision. Always paraphrase our paper when you use the content in your work.

  • How confidential is your service?

    Academic Writers Bureau will ask you to provide personal information like your name, email address, and phone number when placing an order. We use this information to contact you, but we keep it fully confidential. We will never distribute it to third parties. Our support team only reaches you through the numbers or emails we have listed on our website. Our customer representatives do not ask for your credit card information during telephone conversations. You should only enter it when filling our PayPal billing form during online payment process and wait for a confirmation letter to your order page.

  • Where are you located?

    We are based in the United States, but our writing service is in high demand in over 40 countries around the globe. Our customer support department is on call 24/7. You can contact us at any time of the day or night regardless of the time difference. Our support department responds to your questions or helps you with the order process. We have a pool of over 1500 writers, and you will always get a qualified writer for your work round the clock. .

  • How do you set your prices?

    We charge reasonable prices that students can afford depending on the type of nursing paper, turnaround and complexity. Our prices might be higher than that of some writing services. The purpose is to enable us to hire the best professional nursing papers which will meet the requirements by customers and their schools. We give you the value for money we charge you.

  • Can I trust you with my academic work?

    You can trust us fully. We run a business that requires a good reputation for customers to have confidence in us. We strive to offer the best service and satisfy each customer by providing personalized attention. It is the reason why we have many repeat customers. Currently, most of our orders are from referrals by satisfied customers.

  • What should I choose you instead of your competitors?

    It is true that most of our competitors will use pre-written papers that they store in their databases to write your paper. They copy and paste some sentences and keywords from existing papers then claim they wrote an original piece. This process will take only one or two hours, yet you pay for a fully authentic paper. It also increases the chances of plagiarism on your paper.

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