• How experienced are you in academic writing?

    We are a well-established custom writing service that has been in business for years, and we are still serving more customers. Today, we have many satisfied customers who do not consider placing orders at other services because of the pleasant experience they enjoy when working with us. We are prepared to serve even more customers.

  • What kind of writing services do you provide?

    We are a comprehensive nursing writing service that helps students to write and organize their different papers. We will help you to write all sorts of academic papers including essay, research paper, case study, term paper, and dissertation. We also write theses, capstone project, essay, research papers and PICO analysis.

  • Do you offer discounts to customers?

    We charge affordable prices as we know that students do not have much money. We also have different discount schemes at various times to enable the students to make some savings. We provide a discount code for you to redeem the discount. We welcome our first-time customers with a 15% discount..

  • Who are you?

    We are graduates and educators from the top universities in U.S who share some common educational philosophies and ideals. Some our writers and editors have taught university students. Most of us have published their work on academic publications. Our work allows interaction with students and academicians thus helping us to keep on improving our already high-quality writing standards.

  • Is it ethical to get your assistance for my nursing assignment?

    We write original model papers that you can use with proper referencing as a source of the following:

    • Ideas or arguments for your research
    • Additional understanding of a subject
    • Direct citing

    All the same, you should check the policies of your college/university and their explanation of plagiarism to make a conscious decision. Always paraphrase our paper when you use the content in your work.

  • How confidential is your service?

    Academic Writers Bureau will ask you to provide personal information like your name, email address, and phone number when placing an order. We use this information to contact you, but we keep it fully confidential. We will never distribute it to third parties. Our support team only reaches you through the numbers or emails we have listed on our website. Our customer representatives do not ask for your credit card information during telephone conversations. You should only enter it when filling our PayPal billing form during online payment process and wait for a confirmation letter to your order page.

  • Where are you located?

    We are based in the United States, but our writing service is in high demand in over 40 countries around the globe. Our customer support department is on call 24/7. You can contact us at any time of the day or night regardless of the time difference. Our support department responds to your questions or helps you with the order process. We have a pool of over 1500 writers, and you will always get a qualified writer for your work round the clock.

  • How do you set your prices?

    We charge reasonable prices that students can afford depending on the type of nursing paper, turnaround and complexity. Our prices might be higher than that of some writing services. The purpose is to enable us to hire the best professional nursing papers which will meet the requirements by customers and their schools. We give you the value for money we charge you.

  • Can I trust you with my academic work?

    You can trust us fully. We run a business that requires a good reputation for customers to have confidence in us. We strive to offer the best service and satisfy each customer by providing personalized attention. It is the reason why we have many repeat customers. Currently, most of our orders are from referrals by satisfied customers.

  • What should I choose you instead of your competitors?

    It is true that most of our competitors will use pre-written papers that they store in their databases to write your paper. They copy and paste some sentences and keywords from existing papers then claim they wrote an original piece. This process will take only one or two hours, yet you pay for a fully authentic paper. It also increases the chances of plagiarism on your paper.

  • Can you help me to get better grades?

    Academic Writers Bureau has specialist academic writers with experience to cover all university and college subject. We are matchmakers who pair you with the most suited writer for your specific needs. You will get a model paper that serves as a personalized guide on how to approach your project and the areas you should focus on. You can also directly speak with your writer and get more ideas on writing an excellent paper for your subject to get better grades.

  • What is the standard format of your custom papers?

    All our papers adhere to this accepted order format: 275 words a page, 12 points Arial/Roman Font double-spaced and 1-inch margin on all the sides. If you would like us to use special formatting on your paper, please add the requirements to other order details on the "paper instructions box" on order page.

  • Do you accept orders with a very short deadline?

    We know that when most students contact us, they have found out that it will be impossible for them to complete their assignments on time. When they come to use, the time duration is even shorter because of their late awareness about the magnitude of their papers. It is a typical situation to us. We have competent writers to complete urgent orders.

  • Why do you recommend ordering from a personal order page?

    We recommend it as it will be your customer page where you can upload any materials you require for your paper and track the order progress. It also enables you to communicate with your writer and writing manager directly. For convenience, Academic Writers Bureau has these sections on the personal order page:

    Your Orders tab: This tab helps you to track orders. It will display a list of the current and finished/canceled projects.

    New Order tabs for submitting new paper request:

    Profile section: Contains personal information with an option to change the password

  • What if I forget my password?

    When you place an order with Academic Writers Bureau, our system requests you to create an individual password. If you forget the personal password when submitting the new order form, you will click forgot the password. You will soon get a link that redirects you to profile section of the order page for guidelines on how to choose a new password.

  • How do you use contact information?

    Many people are anxious when filling their order form out of fear that we will disturb them by frequent emails. Others fear that their identity will leak. You should not worry about any of the above situations. Academicwritersbureau.com has a strict policy for security and confidentiality of personal data. We do not send messages or email to students who uncheck from the promotional emails. We also keep contact details confidential and limit access to only the person concerned with the order.

  • What are your payment methods?

    Academic writers bureau accepts payments through PayPal or credit cards including Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express. We have a secure encrypted payment platform to safeguard the privacy of your personal information and card details. If you desire to make payment using another method, we may grant your wish, but you should send us your request earlier so that we can decide if it is convenient.

  • When do you issue refunds?

    We issue a refund when:

    • We cannot deliver the work on time
    • The writing format or techniques are too messy for student to understand
    • The content and materials by our writers are plagiarized
    • A client makes a double payment by mistake

    We begin by offering free help session as this is what most of the customers prefer otherwise we will issue a refund.

  • Can I cancel an order after making my payment?

    You can only cancel writing of sections that the writer has not started to write. You must have a genuine reason to cancel the order. If you had already made all or most of the payment, we would subtract the amount we will pay your writer for the complete work and any other expenses. For such cases, we determine the amount to refund, and it is not negotiable.

  • Can I cancel a partial delivery order?

    You can only cancel writing of sections that the writer has not started to write. You must have a genuine reason to cancel the order. If you had already made all or most of the payment, we would subtract the amount we will pay your writer for the complete work and any other expenses. For such cases, we determine the amount to refund, and it is not negotiable.

  • How Does Academic Writers Bureau work?

    It is easy to order a nursing paper at Academic Writers Bureau. You fill your details in the order form on our website, proceed with the payment process and wait for us to complete your assignment within the deadline that you chose. When ordering, you can upload any material you want a writer to include in your work or provide specific instructions.

  • How will I receive my completed nursing paper?

    When your writer completes writing your paper, we deliver it in PDF preview version to your personal order form. When you click the ‘Approve’ button, we provide the MS Word version. If it is necessary to apply any changes, you can request for free revision with new deadline according to our revision policy.

  • Who will write my academic paper?

    Academic Writers Bureau always assigns orders to writers with proper credentials. Our writers have Masters and PhD degrees in various fields of nursing. We ensure that all our clients get quality service by investigating skills of each writer before hiring. We have many well-qualified and experienced writers for us to choose one who is trained in your field to write your paper.

  • Why should I trust Academic Writers Bureau?

    We are a well-established writing service that has been offering nursing paper writing service for many years. Our role is to assist students who have face challenges in completing their nursing papers due to lack of time and writing skills. We have always satisfied our customers. You can check verified reviews by various vendors to confirm that we meet the needs of our clients.

  • How do you choose a writer for my order?

    Our qualified staff will look at the type of paper you want and choose the writer with the right qualifications for your order instructions and field of study. If you require a writer with particular literature necessary for completing the assignment, make sure that you mention it in the initial instructions.

  • Do you allow me to choose a particular writer for my work?

    We will allow repeat customers to request for the writer who previously completed your order to write your current work. After placing an order, communicate your desire to have a particular writer so that we ask him/her not to take up another order. If you do not inform about it in advance, we cannot guarantee that your favorite writer will be available for your order.

  • Where are your writers from?

    Our writing team is made up of American writers who are native speakers of English. Before hiring any writer, we test their ability to communicate ideas and research outcomes through in proper grammar. We also make sure that a writer has a good understanding of the subjects and writing requirements for various academic levels.

  • Are your writers honest?

    Academic Writer Bureau does not condone academic dishonesty. We know it tarnishes our image even if only one writer plagiarizes or a staff member lies. We only contract honest individuals. We make each order our priority and keenly follow up the progress. Report any complaints quickly for us to investigate and deal with the issue promptly to your satisfaction.

  • When will you write my custom paper?

    When you place an order, we calculate the time automatically from the time your payment reflects on our system. For instance, if you pay for your order at 9 P.M on a Friday and choose a delivery option of 48 hours, we will deliver your custom paper by 9 P.M on Sunday. There are various delivery options, and the deadline you choose determines the time we will complete your paper.

  • How do I know that my writer has the right qualifications for my order?

    If you want to know the credentials of the waiter we choose for your order, we will inform you about their qualifications. Soon after you place an order at Academic Writers Bureau, we will send you a writer credential by email. You will look at the requirements and decide if this is the right person for your work. The writer will not start work until you confirm that your satisfaction in his or her qualifications.

  • Can I discuss my order with a writer?

    After signing up and making payments, you can communicate with the writer we assign your work by messaging from your order page. You will receive email notifications every time that your writer sends a new message. Nonetheless, you have the responsibility to directly check the personal order page frequently in case your writer has questions regarding the order.

  • What reasons can cause delayed delivery?

    There can be various reasons for late delivery. It could be that you entered the wrong email address or your SPAM filter blocks you from receiving our emails. Other likely reasons can be that we are checking your work for plagiarism or your writer is waiting for you to reply to clarification request and is unable to continue without your assistance. When you inform us about the lateness of your order, we will immediately provide an explanation and suggestion on how to sort the problem out.

  • What do I do if I am unhappy with my paper?

    In case your assignment needs some changes, we welcome you to request a revision of the personal order page. Include detailed comments on what you want your writer to change and why. The amendments you require should not be within the original instructions. If you need significant changes to your original order, we may require you to pay a re-writing fee that we calculate according to the complexity of your task. Please check more information on our revision policy.

  • What is a sample service?

    Samples are at least three pages that your assigned writer generates randomly from previous work. A sample allows you to get acquainted with the style of writing by the writer who we chose to complete your paper. If you do not like the writing style, we allow you up to two (2) hours from the time you got the samples to change the writer. If you do not request us to change the writers within this time, we consider this as an acceptance of the writer we chose.

  • Do you help students with their online assignments and multiple choice tests?

    We do not offer help for any multiple or online test as we believe that a student has the responsibility to take tests and pass. Also, it is hard to assess the real quantity of the work that the writer does when completing multiple choice tests. If you place an online test order, we will cancel it and refund the money. We warn our customers against contracting our writers privately for such tests. If you do, we are not responsible for the security of the personal data you will share or test results.

  • Is it likely that you will be unable to complete my order?

    It is almost an impossible scenario as we do not take orders that we cannot complete. We have extremely competent writers who cannot start writing an order and get stuck in the middle. They know how to write a good model paper for the subjects they specialize and will prepare adequate materials and references before they start to write. After all, our writers can access various databases and online libraries hence no order will be too complex for them. It is the reason all our papers meet the highest research and writing standards.

  • What happens if my writer has an emergency?

    It is unfortunate, but an emergency can occur. We are a professional service in fast-paced business and will do everything we can to meet your deadline and order requirements. Although there might be a delay, we will find another qualified writer from our pool to complete the order according to your specifications. Our support team will inform you early enough if there will be a delay.

  • Do I have a guarantee to receive plagiarism-free paper?

    Our papers are all original. We have an excellent plagiarism checker to detect any plagiarism. Unlike the common plagiarism systems that universities use, ours does not report to public databases hence the checking is safe. We guarantee a plagiarism free paper against certain databases and open internet sources. We will even send you a plagiarism report. 

  • Will my writer use any-prewritten work?

    We do not store old papers in our system to use for new orders. This approach has helped use to reduce any chance of getting a duplicated paper. We assure you that we never recycle our papers or those in other databases. Academicwritersbureau.com instructs writers to write an original paper and keep them in line by testing documents with trusted plagiarism checkers.

  • Do you keep a database of written papers?

    No, we never maintain such a database. We only deliver papers that our writers complete from scratch after testing them for originality. Once we upload a paper on a personal order page for the client to download, we do not store it in a database or sell it to another person. We also do not copy the content to another order.

  • Can you guarantee me timely delivery?

    We always do the best to complete orders on time even for urgent orders. However, we require customers to choose a reasonable deadline to give our writers time for conduction in-depth research which is necessary for quality. We, therefore, expect longer deadlines for long or complicated assignments. For faster completion, make sure that you provide all the instructions and upload every material you want us to use on your paper when placing your order. We will postpone your deadline if you fail or delay to do that.

  • Do you charge extra for help on a topic after receiving the paper?

    Academic Writers Bureau draws satisfaction in satisfying our clients. If the kind of help you require is to help you understand your paper's without requiring too much concentration and time, we will offer it free. If most of the help you require needs changing the theme of your work or it takes a longer time to edit, we will charge a fee. We urge customers who request for post-order delivery help to restrict their queries to original instructions.

  • What do you mean by progressive delivery?

    It is a form of order delivery where we send your work in parts as your writer progresses. We have designed this option to aid customers in getting extended orders. Such works included capstone projects, dissertations, and theses. You can also pay for the order in parts. Contact our operators before completing an order form for them to arrange a proper payment plan and schedule chapter by chapter delivery.

  • What is the number of pages that writer can complete per day?

    There is no definite answer. It depends on the length and specifications of your paper. Ideally, a writer may prefer to work on five pages a day (1500 words or more). We have writers who can complete the work faster, but we cannot rush the speed for writing excellent content. Academic Writers Bureau is different because we value quality. We allow our writers to write the number of pages that will not compromise on quality, originality and observing specific guidelines. For excellence, choose a deadline that gives our writers enough time to produce quality content.

  • What is the procedure for progressive delivery?

    For smooth planning, Academic Writer Bureau requires customers to follow this general outline:

    • You contact us to set up a plan for payment and progressive delivery.
    • We find the most qualified writer for your work to start working
    • The writer delivers every part of your order according to the schedule.
    • You review and make comments on each section that the writer completes
    • We revise each part according to your comments as the writer continues working on the other part of your order.

    Our final submission is on the date when you hand in your assignment. To be safe, let our final submission deadline to be ahead of the time you submit your paper by at least 30% to allow enough time for possible revisions.

  • How do I receive my paper?

    Soon after your writer completes writing, we will send an email notification with a link to the personal order page. We, however, urge customers to check their order pages to avoid any misunderstanding. Some clients wait for us to send their papers via email after receiving their notification. Please note that for the security of your work, we do not email files. You can get it by following the link we send by email to your order page or directly going to your orders tab.

  • What should I do when I do not receive my paper by my deadline?

    Contact us if it reaches close to your deadline and you have still not received your paper. Contact our customer support reps by live chat, phone or write a message on your personal page. They will examine your order and assist you right away. It is not our habit to delay orders unless it is due to circumstances beyond our control.

  • Do you charge an extra fee for revision help before paper delivery?

    We always strive to provide the best services to the clients. If the help you require is adjustable to fit the schedule of our team, we will provide it free. Relax and wait for a paper that includes the amendments you requested. We only charge if the help is going to change them or strategy of your order to a large extent. Even then, we will charge you the lowest fee. We urge customers to ask for these revisions or changes according to the revision policy.

  • Do you have any hidden charges?

    No. We only charge the rates we display on our site. You will find an instant calculator to calculate the amount you will pay use according to the academic level, type of paper, and deadline. We only charge for the service we render. You will not pay an extra charge for order delivery or revision within the first guidelines.

  • What is a free inquiry?

    It is an option we offer to those who do not trust that we can provide quality services and want to test if we are the suitable company for their orders. After you receive a free inquiry, our customers support team contacts you through email or phone for a detailed discussion about all aspects of your order before you pay.

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