Fair Use Policy

It is not the intention of Academicwritersbureau.com that our clients submit our custom written dissertation, essay or other academic assignments as their own. You should use the content on our model papers as a guide for further research and build knowledge to write your work. We want you to benefit from your university courses and plagiarizing our model papers will prevent you from gathering necessary knowledge for your module exams.

What are implications of handing in Academicwritersbureau.com customized work?

We write 100% authentic work according to order specifications and never upload it to the web. We do not store on our database or re-use submitted papers. It means that if you hand over this work to your professor, the university cannot know that you used our service by testing with a plagiarism scanner.

It does not mean that the faculty cannot find out that you did not write your paper something that can harm your grades. You tutors cannot recognize when you hand in work with content from sources that students do not access and a writing style that does not match yours. Additionally, your tutors may require you to explain your work to them. It will be difficult since you did not do the research. It is plagiarism to hand in any work by a researcher without changing it because you are using the words of someone as if they are your own. Changing the wording around is still plagiarism according to a strict definition of this word. Academicwritersbureau.com custom research will provide you with greater benefits if you act according to this fair use policy. It will help you to improve your grade, learn how to write brilliant academic papers and feel more satisfied for achieving something on your effort.

So why should I Buy a Model Paper?

As a student, you require much time to read through a vast amount of research materials. Some of it might not have relevant information to your studies. Additionally, the presentation style for research is usually different from the style you require to write you an academic assignment.

Tutors may give some valuable guidance on academic writing process but only at certain times. In fact, it is only a few instructors who confront the issue by designing model answers to practically show students how they should tackle their writing.

What is the best way to use a model answer?

When Academicwritersbureau.com completes and send your order, you should do the following:

  • Read through your model answer for you to understand the way our researcher responded to the question
  • Start to develop your ideas and arguments
  • Search for the material that your writer found and use if for finding, more materials relevant to your topic
  • Use the written work produced by our researcher as a reference for creating your unique work
  • Make sure that you develop the final work out of your creative work and that it is 100% original

One of the positive ways to succeed in education is to look at examples. It is the way we learned to gather knowledge since our childhood. Custom model answers are one of the best research tools that students can get. The answers provide students with a practical example of the way to tackle a question. A student can take an entirely different view from that of the researcher but still, the model answer provides students with a foundation to start the conducting their research and writing their work.

If you have further questions about Academicwritersbureau.com fair user policy and terms of the agreement, please contact our friendly customer experience team.